This Is Halloween

October was an eventful month.

We did all the normal things.

We watched General Conference.

We colored camels for Grandma and Grandpa.

We did preschool.

And Clara was trouble (those are three nightlights I found in the washing machine).

And we hung out.

We cleaned up leaves. A lot of leaves.

But if you ask the kids about October, they will tell you about the Pumpkin Patch.

The kids look forward to the pumpkin patch every year, especially Malcolm. They especially love the slides. We always have fun, but this year it was SO hot. You’d think October would be nice and cool, but it was over 80 degrees and I was wearing Ian and I ended up stripping him down because we were so sweaty.

Clara was scared of the goats, but then she liked them. Then we had to protect the goats from her because she was trying to pet them with rocks.

If you had asked Malcolm last year what his favorite holiday was, the answer would have been Halloween every time. Now he would probably say Christmas, because he gets presents. But he was obsessed with Halloween for a long time. He loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and always wants to listen to the music from it. He was so excited for Halloween that he would ask every single day if it was Halloween yet. He must have changed his costume idea two dozen times. But finally we settled on a pirate costume he found at Costco. Ellie, thankfully, picked a costume that I had gotten on clearance last year, so she was happy to be Wonder Woman. And Clara had no idea what we were talking about when we tried to explain Halloween, so even though I tried to get her to be Elsa or Rapunzel (because she loves them) she insisted on being Shredder, the bad guy from Ninja Turtles.

We had the kids try on their costumes when we first got them, so I thought we were all set. Until we were getting ready for the church Trunk or Treat.

Clara and Malcolm loved their costumes, but we couldn’t get even Clara into hers before she threw the biggest fit I have ever seen her throw in her entire life. She screamed so hard that she almost puked, and would not let us get near her. For all that Clara is trouble, she has never been that kind of trouble, so I have no idea what that was all about. It took her a bit to calm down, but then she was fine. We kept Ian in his costume long enough to take a couple pictures. We went to the dinner portion of the Trunk or Treat and then Will took Clara and Ian home and I stayed with Malcolm and Ellie and passed out candy. The highlight of my night was probably sitting by myself and handing out candy. Thankfully the actual night of Halloween was better.

We actually got Clara into her costume, although she wouldn’t wear the mask for more than a second (literally). And Malcolm decided that he didn’t want to wear his pirate hat because he wanted to wear a witch hat and be a “Witch Pirate”. The best part is that we had a bunch of cousins come up and go trick or treating with us! Well, some of them went in the “big kid” group and stayed out a little later, but most of us all walked around together and saw all the awesome decorations that my neighbors put up.

The kids LOVED trick or treating and eating candy. Poor Clara fell down part-way through and scraped up her hand pretty good, but still insisted on going on to the next house. And the next and the next. Oddly enough, Clara was the one who wanted to keep going and Malcolm was the one who wanted to call it quits because he was tired. But we got plenty of candy, and the kids were only interested in the candy for a couple days, so that worked out nicely.