Summer Lovin’

I guess now that it’s almost spring, I should probably catch up on last summer.

Obviously the biggest part of our summer was Ian being born. That little man changed everything and it took us a while to get out of Survival Mode (hence no blog posts) but I think we might be there now (that he’s 8 months old) so here’s what I remember of the summer.

We didn’t go crazy for the 4th of July. Jenny was still with us, but we were just chill (which was good because it was ridiculously hot). We had some small fireworks left over from last year, so we went to the park down the street and set them off in the parking lot. Ian slept through it and the rest of us suffered through it, because it was really hot. The kids seemed to enjoy it. Then we went home and played with glow-sticks in the basement. That was more fun.

We didn’t do any big fireworks because our kids go to bed super early and don’t like loud noises. And we had a newborn. Maybe next year.

And then Jenny went home and Will went back to work and suddenly I was left home with 4 little kids. That was an adventure (understatement). I only survived by baby-wearing.

It took a couple weeks before we actually left the house. The first time we did, we made to right outside the garage. The kids were thrilled.

LIfe didn’t stop even though I was only getting maybe 4 hours of sleep every night and Ian wanted to eat around the clock.

Ellie lost a couple teeth. The first one came out easily, but that second one took a few weeks and some pulling to get it free. We had to pull it out because the next tooth was growing up behind it.

We also had swim lessons. In all my wisdom, I decided it would be easier to get Ellie and Malcolm swim lessons after the baby was born instead of before. It was not the best plan, but we survived. At less than one month old, Ian had been to the pool half a dozen times. We went before the pool opened and Malcolm had his lesson while we waited in the baby pool, and then Ellie had her lesson, and then we usually went home when the pool opened. A couple of times we stayed, but it was too much work for me.

Sometimes he slept, sometimes he screamed. 50/50. I couldn’t even nurse him at the pool because he had a terrible latch and I needed all kinds of knick-knacks to help.

Malcolm did fantastic. He was a little fish. He had no problem putting his head in the water, but he was too buoyant and couldn’t get down to the bottom of the pool. He also got cold super easy, even if it was 85+ degrees out.

Ellie did really well too. Last year she was in the baby class because she was scared to put her head under the water. This year she was swimming like a mermaid and diving for things on the bottom of the pool and even jumping in the deep end. I would be surprised if Ellie (and maybe Malcolm) didn’t pass the swim test next time to use the water slide.

Unfortunately I couldn’t swim with them, since I was still recovering from having a baby. So sometimes we went to the park next to the pool instead.

You can’t tell from the pictures, but these swim lessons were super rough and there was blood, sweat, and tears. Thankfully we had friends and family that were willing to help watch my kids or hold a screaming/sleeping baby.

The rest of the summer we basically just survived until we had some awesome visitors to come see us.

Harry Potter shirt from Aunt Jenny

Baby Blue Steel

Ian’s first D&D session

He didn’t like being naked at the doctor for his 1 month appointment

Baby Hulk

Clara was the first one my kids to put something up her nose. It was a blue M&M.

Sleepy Daddy

We ended the summer with some awesome visitors.

Will’s mom and sisters came to meet Ian and hang out with us. It’s always fun to have them around and we don’t get to see them nearly enough. We even got to have Ian blessed while they were here.

Blessing outfit

He had a blowout right afterwards and lost his pants.

We had lots of fun! We played games and ate yummy food and sat around.

This was right when we were supposed to have the big solar eclipse. I guess we did have it, technically, but our sky was completely overcast and we didn’t get to see any of it. It was disappointing, especially since we made our own eclipse viewer with the kids.

We also had a picnic at the pool. I actually got to swim this time, since Nana held a sleeping Ian the whole time.

It was a reality check when I took Ellie to meet her new teacher and get ready for 2nd grade.

And that was basically our summer. It was crazy and busy and lazy and fun and I wish we could do it all over again.

But without the lack of sleep.