Yay Springtime!

So a lot has happened since my last post.

That means that this post will be a photo dump.


Springtime was good to us, although we got more snow during the spring than we did during the winter. We spent a lot of time outside.

Then we got an ice storm.

We went to the park

(she liked rubbing snow on her face)

(Aunt Lindsay visited us at the park and brought the kids M&Ms)

(testing out our new double stroller)

We walked through the woods

We played in the sprinklers

We went to the pool

We even ate outside

We did other things too, like play with cousins

And acted silly

(we moved Clara into a big girl bed and the big kids got bunk beds)

(our private art gallery)

(new glasses)

(Clara took bites out of the styrofoam while I was washing the cover)

We celebrated Easter!

(creepy bunny pancakes)

Ellie finished first grade!

(field day mostly got cancelled because it was too hot, so they got sprayed with water and hit with pool noodles instead)

(Malcolm snuck in with the first graders. He was taller than half of them)

I finished all my classes (yay!) and started fixing up the kid bathroom. It was fun, but I’m bad at drywall.

(I’d put up finished pictures… but it’s not finished yet… a month later…)

(38 weeks pregnant)

And that’s basically the last 3 months in pictures.

I would have spent more time on this post, but June was a lot more exciting 🙂