Malky the 4 year old

Malky is finally 4! It seems like he’s been waiting so long for his birthday, so I’m glad we could make it fun for him. We went to the aquarium, since he loves ocean animals. We actually gave him the choice between Chuck E. Cheese or the aquarium, and he passed over Chuck E. Cheese, so that should tell you something.

He also got a pirate birthday party. Technically it was Clara’s party too, but she didn’t care.

The “pirate ship”

They were too scared to pet the rays

But they did pet the poor jelly fish.

He loved the map and carried it the whole time.

The pictures are crappy, but they’re something.

He requested a treasure map cake.

Decorating goody bags.

I almost had 6 heart attacks watching the kids almost hit each other with that bat. Never again.

He had four candles, Clara had two, and cousin Ethan had five, since his birthday is the day after Malcolm’s. (Kind of. He’s a Leap Day baby)

So more about Malky.

He loves: all things pirates, all things ocean, playing outside, fruit, music, screen time, snuggles, Star Wars, and recently Ninja Turtles.

He hates: vegetables, being called a baby, getting in trouble, any time I sing, being alone, the vacuum, loud noises, and being scared.

He is the sweetest, snuggliest boy I’ve ever seen. Sometimes he can’t even get through a meal without needing to snuggle someone. Speaking of meals, he is the slowest eat. Ever. It can easily take him 2 hours to eat a bowl of dry cereal.

Much like his sisters, he loves to make people laugh. But the joke has to be on his terms, and he has to deliver the punch-line.

He loves to pretend that he has magical powers, and he defeats bad guys in his free time.

He recently gave his first talk in church, and he was super cute. Everything he does is super cute.

See Exhibit A:

I love my sweet boy!

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