Clara is 2!

This little girl is seriously one of my favorite little people. She is a ton of work, but she is also a ton of fun.

She loves: ice, chocolate, popsicles, babies, owls, soft blankets, Paw Patrol, fruit, tickles, snuggles, baths, singing, jumping, books, and playing in the bathroom.

She seriously spends about 25% of the time she is awake begging for ice. Not in a cute way either. More like screaming, “ICE!!! ICE!!!” at the top of her little lungs. Not unlike the way she screams, “BATH NIGHT?!” every single night.

She hates: eating meat (except hot dogs), being confined to a chair, going to bed, not doing things herself, spiders, Elsa, disembodied voices, being called something other than her name, and cleaning up.

She also likes screaming, “I DO IT!” (like, AYE DO IT) and, “NO! I CLARA!” She gets totally freaked out by disembodied voices, like Will talking over the baby monitor, talking to people on the phone, or Ellie’s Elsa dress that sings Let It Go. This is also why she is afraid of Elsa, and why she spent about 8 months being terrified of dresses.

Her vocabulary is growing every day, but her current favorite words/phrases are, “I do it!”, “actually no”, “mine”, and “my favorite”. At Target the other day, we walked past the soccer balls and she got all excited and then very carefully said, “Mom… can we… look… at balls… please?”

She loves to play outside, but it’s hard for her to be little and not do big kid things. In a lot of ways she’s more capable than Malcolm. Where Malcolm refuses to get himself dressed or pedal a bike, Clara is all about trying those things. She just thinks she’s big.

Actually at her 2 year check-up she was in the 99% for height and I think 89% for weight, so she is big.

She’s also a ham, much like her big sister.

This dress is her favorite article of clothing, and she would wear it every day if I let her.

Causing trouble.

She was very frustrated that the ipad wasn’t working.

Caught in the act of eating her sister’s chapstick.

Casually playing the ipad.

Wearing Mommy’s shoes.

She is a sweet girl, and will often ask for “suggles” (snuggles).

Anyway, I’m terrible at writing blogs because I forget everything. I really should write things down sooner, then I could remember them. But I do have her birthday video, so there is that.

Happy birthday Sweetheart! We love you!

 (Her first birthday video is here)