We started 2017 off nice and easy (except for the plane trip home. Yikes!).

The worst part was saying goodbye to my parents, who left for an 18 month mission to Amman, Jordan. We miss them, but they are doing so much good! They are working to teach English, help immigrants, and start a Pathways Program (a college education program out of Brigham Young University Idaho) in the Middle East.

We love you!

Probably the second worst thing after coming home was that Clara wanted to be potty-trained.

I hate potty-training. So much. Thankfully she lost interest after a couple weeks, so we didn’t have to worry about it. Notice the pen marks on her leg. Little stink.

So other than those things, January wasn’t too bad.

Will playing with Malcolm’s toys.

Will decided he needed a line to run from his computer (upstairs) to the TV (basement). He ran the line himself, which included knocking 4 holes in my walls.

Thankfully he got everything figured out and patched the holes, because I didn’t like them.

Somewhere in there we had a night where we watched my niece and nephews so their parents could go to the Inauguration Ball. Jeff was the back-up Marine to dance with Vice President Pence’s wife, so that was cool. I love that my kids get to live close to some of their cousins. I wasn’t really friends with any of my cousins growing up, and it’s something that I always thought would be fun.

We had some pretty crazy weather in January. One day it was almost 70 degrees, and not long after that we got a couple inches of snow. It was our first real Virginia snow this winter, so we made the best of it, even though we were all sick.

Playing hide-and-seek.

So pretty!

There’s a little ditch in that corner of the yard. I was helping Ellie with her snowman when I heard Clara calling for me. I found her stuck in the ditch, haha. She couldn’t get out.

The sun was really bright and they wouldn’t look at me.

Ellie is such a ham.

And for a couple random pictures, here’s a drawing I found on Ellie’s desk while she was at school, and a picture Malcolm drew in Sunbeams (3-4 year old Sunday School).


And that was pretty much January. I spent most of my time taking naps and doing school. I figured out that I will probably be able to graduate 4 months earlier than I thought! (Although 7 years later than originally planned.)

Also I was growing a baby.

15 weeks

18 weeks

On to busy February!