Turkey Day

November, like pretty much anything past yesterday, is a blur to me.

I do remember Clara having a massive naughty burst. Within the first couple days of November, she figured out that she could reach all the light switches, the ice maker on the fridge, open the fridge door, and open the oven doors. And she learned how to say please.

Thankfully the ice maker has a lock on it.

She also got super helpful and begged to bring in the groceries.

She is very helpful.

We spent a lot of time playing in the leaves. I know that because I have a lot of pictures that look like this:

We also had an adventure with Ellie. The child would not stop chewing on her hair. I gave her warnings for 6 months. I spent a whole month making sure her hair was pulled back from her face every single day so that she couldn’t chew on it. She always found a way. So I told her I was going to cut it. I let her keep it long for Halloween, but once that was over, chop chop.

It’s still cute, but I miss her long hair.

We did other fun stuff.

Ellie has some pretty fantastic style.

Clara’s hair got caught in the propeller.

I’m not sure why she was crying, but it must have been funny because I took a lot of pictures of it.

She found a marker while I was taking a nap.

Double rainbow leads to Costco.

I got a new niece! Her name is Joanna and she’s adorable. I don’t have a good picture on hand though. You’ll have to take my word for it.

We got Ellie’s 1st grade pictures back. They’re cute, but I wish she’d done a better smile.

We got ready for Thanksgiving by doing our Thankful Tree. It was pretty cool to look at all the things we could come up with to be grateful for. Some things were repeated, like Powerpuff Girls, and naps. The important things.

I don’t have any pictures from actual Thanksgiving. I made some pies and ate way too much food. Will wouldn’t let us do any Christmas stuff until the day after Thanksgiving, because he’s lame like that. So of course I started with the Christmas stuff as soon as I could.

We had to post-pone a lot of the decorating until after Clara was down for her nap, because she’s terrible and bit 3 or 4 ornaments and smashed one of my snow globes.

And right around Thanksgiving is when we announced the pregnancy. I kind of had to, since I already looked kinda pregnant.

This was just over a week after I found out I was pregnant. I was already in maternity clothes.

At 9 weeks I had my first doctor appointment and I got to see the little bean.

Right after Thanksgiving is about when I started to get morning sickness. It was not awesome, but at least I got some medicine to help with it. I was terrified of feeling crappy and tired and having to deal with Clara, but somehow I managed.

And that was pretty much November.