Halloween Time

Since I’m back to playing catch-up, this will be all of October. At least what I remember of it.

I think the weather was nice, mostly because we spent a lot of time outside.

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It was an exciting month for Clara. Not only did she say her first sentence (dum bum car), she also got a blood test done to determine her allergies. We knew hazelnuts were a problem, but apparently walnuts mess with her too. Thankfully neither of them are severe enough that we need an epi-pen, but we won’t be having Nutella in our house any time soon. She did really well during the test. I impressed the woman who administered the test because I was ready with a lollipop to distract Clara while they poked her. In fact, when Clara dropped her lollipop, I had another one ready just in case. Things went very smoothly and Clara didn’t even cry.

This was also an exciting month for Malcolm and Ellie, who got to watch Star Wars for the first time.



The next exciting part was that we got a visit from Nana, Aunt Denise and Aunt Luci! They stayed with us for a week and we had lots of fun being lazy.

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My parents showed up at the same time (they had been living in Utah) to watch my nephews and niece so that my sister-in-law could go to her mother’s funeral. It was nice to see them, even if it was for a sad reason. Some of us got together and went to the Cox Farms pumpkin patch. It was our first time at Cox Farms, and I gotta say it was pretty awesome. I know the kids really loved it.

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Clara was traumatized by the goats.

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These tubes were probably Clara’s favorite part of the whole adventure. She ran through them 4 or 5 times.

20161024_115201 20161024_120009

We left a little early because Clara decided she was done. If you put her down, she would collapse into the dirt and say “done”.


We stopped at Cafe Rio on the way home and got some delicious food!

We had a lot of fun while they were here. I don’t remember too many details, but we went to Firehouse Subs, made too many Man-Catching Beignets (from Princess and the Frog), watched The Great British Bake-Off, played Sleeping Queens, stayed up too late talking, found a new park, and played with children.

After our visitors left, we got ready for Halloween. Malcolm is Halloween OBSESSED and has been asking about it pretty much since last Halloween, so he was pretty excited about it.


Pretty much my only attempts at decorating.

The leaves were late in falling this year, so we didn’t play in them as much as we usually do. But play in them we did!

20161025_160921 20161025_161017 20161025_161201

The kids decided they wanted to be the Powerpuff Girls for Halloween. I decided that they would be the Powerpuff Kids, so that Malky didn’t have to be a girl. Little did I know the upset that would cause him, because he really wanted to be Buttercup. Anyway, for some reason I decided that I was going to make the costumes (they seemed simple enough), and I was going to do it the easy way, and just buy some huge T-shirts in the right colors and cut them down to size. It mostly worked.


Presenting Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup! Good enough.

It was also around this same time (but after all the visiting family members left) that I figured out I was pregnant! It was a surprise, but only because it was super quick. It took us a while to get pregnant with Clara, so I wasn’t counting on it happening right away this time around. So baby #4 is expected at the end of June 2017!


Ignore my expression. We’ll just call that the “I’m freaking 7 weeks pregnant and already have a belly” face.

Anyway, we got a bunch of pumpkins when we went to the pumpkin patch and we hadn’t done anything with them. Usually I am the only one who care about carving pumpkins, and last year I did it all myself because no one else cared. I didn’t have the energy for it this year, so we went the easy (and procrastinator) way out. We painted the pumpkins a few hours before we went trick-or-treating.

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One of my favorite things about living so close to family, is getting all the cousins together. I was never really close with any of my cousins, because we lived so far away. I’m glad my kids will have cousins that they know and are friends with. In fact, we had 13 cousins, (ages 11, 9, 7, 7, 6, 6, 4, 3, 3, not-quite-2, almost-2, almost-18-months, and newborn) all together to go trick-or-treating!


Malky did not wear his Powerpuff Kid costume because he wanted to a be a pirate. But they were all Powerpuff Girls for the church Trunk-or-Treat the week before.

And that was pretty much our October! It was more exciting than I remember. Thank goodness for pictures and facebook to bring back my memories.