Back To School

I guess this back to school post incorporates everything that happened in September.

Ellie started 1st grade, and she was a little bit nervous. Her school does kindergarten and 1st grade on one campus, and then 2nd through 5th grade is across the road. So pretty much she’s one of the big kids on campus.

We went and met her teacher, and saw her classroom, and saw her old teacher. I think seeing her kindergarten teacher put her at ease. There were a few kids from her previous class that were in her class this year, although none of them were her close friends. However, she ended up having another Ellie in her class, and now they are best friends!

They bonded over having the same name, and both loving the Powerpuff Girls.

With Ellie in school, we are getting back into our normal routine.

20160909_151823 20160909_151849 20160909_152004 20160909_152420

This summer seemed especially hot to me. Like, I didn’t even want to take the kids outside hot. But we did venture outside sometimes. I realize that not everyone can stay inside all day, every day, and be totally fine with it like me.

In our neighborhood we have found a couple “secret parks” over the summer. We went there quite a bit, with our trusty wagon.

20160903_145626 20160903_145824 20160903_145944 20160903_150027 20160903_150156 20160903_150355 20160903_150438 20160903_150615 20160903_151440 20160903_151511

We also did plenty of other fun things to pass the time.

20160904_170227 20160906_162817 20160909_111555 20160911_111903 20160912_161910 20160912_161630 20160912_162301 20160913_141353 20160915_131650 20160913_175324 20160917_102729 20160917_103424 20160919_074043 20160919_103430 20160919_103729 20160920_104902 20160920_181133 20160921_064642 20160921_162137

Those are the racing slides.

20160921_163533 20160923_093841

Once I lots Clara for about 10 minutes and I was running like a crazy person all over the house and screaming for her. I found her in this cupboard, smiling like a little stinker.


This was the day she told me that her old “boyfriend” Theodore told her that she was cute. She informed him that only her mother can call her that.

 20160926_153626 20160926_161248 20160927_083453 20160927_184809 20160928_115451

And this was about when the kids started on their Star Wars kick. We might or might not be encouraging them.

And that was pretty much September, or at least what I remember of it.

I was rushing to try and finish up two classes, so a lot of it is a blur.


Although for some reason I decided it was the perfect time to start training for a half marathon that I never plan on running.

So there’s that.

On to Autumn!